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About Us

While it is recognised that house process do fluctuate, the long term trend is consistently upwards

House prices (over time) always rise consistently

The rise in house process is consistently higher than wage growth

The housing shortage in the UK is severe and growing.  We need to build 200,000 houses per year for the next 10 years, but we are actually building less than half that.

The population of the UK is growing, and we are all living longer.

Despite record low interest rates, significantly more rigorous mortgage affordability checks (since 2008 / 9 crash), and tougher loan to value requirements, has meant that first time buyers find it increasingly difficult to get onto the housing ladder.

True Property Options Ltd has been established to provide investors with superior returns on investments, all based on development of UK properties.  

UK Property prices have (over time) consistently increased, even accounting for the 2008 / 9 financial crisis.  

Despite current uncertainties, we see this overall trend increasing, and (even in times of flat or reducing prices) rental returns will continue to be strong.  Our strategy is a combination of capital growth and income from rentals.

We currently invest in :

  • Telford
  • Crewe
  • Cheltenham
  • Maidstone

We are currently seeking investment for the following projects

  • Purchase and refurbishment of a block of 4 flats in Crewe
  • Purchase and refurbishment of a number of properties in Cheltenham.

Investors can expect a return significantly higher than any most current banking deposits.  Minimum investment is £25,000 for 1 year.  Details on Application.